About the Artist...

Salt Water Fish Rubbings by Joanne Gray

Joanne Gray grew up on the shores of the Cornish Coastline in Cornwall England.  After Starting Seaside Delights in 2002 she has branched out to the more artistic side and constantly learning new art techniques. She loves the Use of Gyotaku, a Japanese Fish Rubbing Technique which long ago would be a way for Japanese Fishermen to record their catches.

Started the Fish Rubbings in 2012 and have had a great response. Our Shop in Rowayton CT always has great fish rubbings on the wall and have been known to put some on some t shirts.

We always have a Bring me a fish and Get a free print program, so get fishing.

Our Art Show is currently Running at Brendans 101 Dec 30th - Jan 28th, located at 101 Rowayton Avenue Rowayton CT 06853.

Our Shop Seaside Delights is open Tuesday through Saturday 11 - 3 PM and located at 177 Rowayton Avenue, Rowayton CT 06853.

Our email is Seasidedelights@gmail.com 

Salt Water Fish Rubbings was born in 2012 when I became fascinated in the world of Gyotaku. I loved learning the new technique of printing and preserving the image of the fish.

SEASIDE DELIGHTS I have owned Seaside Delights for 15 years, we started with stationery and went on to putting our sea themed designs on the softest t shirts and hoodies,  and am still outfitting the kids up and down the coast now, see SeasideDelights.com for more info.


I also own and design RoadieCup.com where I create custom RoadieCups for specific areas in the US. I also wholesale out to different stores from West to east coast north to south.

We have a shop Seaside Delights at 177 Rowayton Avenue in Rowayton CT, located in Pinkney Park, this is the Rowayton Historical Society's Fab gift shop that I fill with super treats for one and all The RHS gets a portion of everything we sell in the store.

We have two wonderful boys Parker and Bodie which adds to the craziness.

We have an art Show Coming up at Brendan's 101 which runs from May 16 th, 2014 - June 13th. 2018.